Freelancing is more common than ever. In fact, in the U.S. alone there are over 50 million freelancers across a wide variety of industries. While this is promising for freelance opportunities, it also means more competition in the job market. Set yourself up to succeed long-term with Emissaries’ top 5 tips to improve your freelancing career and close more new business ($$$):

1. Clearly position yourself as a freelancer or consultant

Potential clients aren’t mind readers! Make it easy for them and spoon feed them exactly what you want them to know. Simply listing your most recent role and previous jobs isn’t enough. Let your connections both on and offline know that you’re currently working on a freelance, consultant or contract basis. Your professional headline on your LinkedIn, resume, etc. should reflect this as well.

2. Know your audience

Write your summary, resume, etc. for your audience: potential clients. They want to know yesterday how you can solve for their business challenges, what skill sets you bring to their table and how well you understand their industry. By directing showcasing your expertise and value proposition, you’re already serving potential clients.

3. Maintain an impactful online portfolio

Be sure that your most recent and most impressive work samples are showcased on your online portfolio. It is critical that you not only present a list of projects but also success metrics. Keep in mind you will be judged on the appearance of your portfolio – utilize a fresh template, make it easy to navigate and double check the copy. Maintaining an awesome online portfolio can easily set you apart from other freelancers with the same skill sets.

4. Utilize social media to position yourself as an industry expert

To further demonstrate your industry expertise, be social on social! Share, comment, tweet and post. These channels can further help you to establish a consistent online presence as an in-demand, industry-expert freelancer. Potential clients will also review these channels to verify your resume.

5. Apply to the Emissaries marketplace!

If you’re a freelancer or consultant with 5+ years of industry expertise, in-demand skills, experience working for a Fortune 500 company or a hot startup and availability for both remote and on-site freelance work in a major U.S. market, we’d love for you to apply to Emissaries’ freelance marketplace where top companies go to find supertemps like you! To succeed on Emissaries’ marketplace, here are tips and suggestions to build your best online profile:

  • Your “Title” should reflect your expertise, not just your current gig (note: “Titles” appear front and center within company searches)
  • Make sure you have an appropriate headshot
  • Include at least two of the following: your LinkedIn, your portfolio or an online resume
  • Complete “Previous employers and clients include…” as that’s one of the first and most important sections potential clients will review
  • Utilize the “Summary” section to give an overview of your expertise and successes
  • Utilize the “Work Experience” section to get more specific with metrics that will appeal to potential clients
  • Limit your profile to 12 (or less) skills and 6 (or less) industries so companies have an easy time finding true experts
  • Remember that all of your profile’s text is searchable on the marketplace (so double-check your profile for typos and include keywords) but your external links (e.g. LinkedIn, portfolio, resume, etc.) are not searchable
  • Don’t shy away from listing your rate range! Most freelancers are open to discussing rates and companies appreciate that level of transparency right off the bat
  • Recommendations are always encouraged
  • While honors, awards, certifications and education are optional, they’re certainly worthwhile to include
  • Overall include enough detail via keywords, topline metrics and name drop your past clients but don’t drown your readers with a novel-sized profile
  • Keep your availability up to date for a collaborative community
  • Companies will directly message you on the platform (no middle man!), so you benefit from checking the platform and your messages frequently. Note: you will get an email notifying you that a new message is waiting for you on the Emissaries platform
  • Lastly, here’s a sample profile to reference:

Positioning yourself for success in freelancing may take time and effort, but the reward will be yours. Emissaries is here to help you connect with potential clients, secure new business and succeed long-term as a freelancing pro. Start building your Emissaries profile today!