The first U.S. recruiting agency to specialize in parental leave coverage.


Emissaries is a talent-matching company specializing in seasoned freelancers, supertemps and parental leave fill-ins. We’re the first U.S. recruiting agency to service the niche of parental leave coverage. The very definition of emissary is a person who is sent on a special mission to represent another person. Filling in for new parents on maternity or paternity leave so they can foster bonds with their families is meaningful work. We passionately support both family leaves and the freelancer economy. We value professionalism, accountability and high-quality work. Freelancers’ approach must mirror our value system, which is focused on enabling companies and teams to excel and prosper. For instance, a freelance fill-in’s purpose is to serve and support the team, not to outshine an employee on leave. Since launching in 2015, we’ve expanded our services to include family leave coverage, freelance projects and full-time opportunities.




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Emissaries CEO

Prior to founding Emissaries, I spent the better half of a decade freelancing, mainly filling maternity leaves, in NYC, Silicon Valley and LA. Maternity leave fill-ins were always my favorite type of freelance project. Not only were the expectant/new moms incredibly appreciative, so were their co-workers to not have to take on that added workload. Supporting and thereby normalizing improved parental leave policies was the catalyst for me to create Emissaries in 2015. I’m motivated by the plight of working parents who didn’t receive proper support during their leaves. For example, one woman shared with us: ‘I wish I knew about Emissaries before I went on leave. I am picking up the pieces now that I’m back from not having correct staffing and handoff on my projects. The domino effect is unfortunate and exhausting.’ On another but equal note, I wanted to create an agency and marketplace that would sincerely behoove freelancers. We’ve never and we won’t take a cut of freelancers’ pay. That’s vital for attracting the best freelancers to our network. The best freelancers get constant job and gig offers; it doesn’t make sense for them to give up a portion of their pay. It does make sense for them to sign up with a talent-matching agency like Emissaries if it helps them get access to new clients. The growing freelance workforce, workplace equality, working parents and work-life integration are at the heart of my current mission with Emissaries. Together we can build a positive legacy as the generation that shifted American working culture to be more family-friendly and balanced for all.

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